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46. How can I win your heart

Laugh at stupid puns, constantly tell me im funny (cuz its all i have) and love my jelly rolls.

In all seriousness idk. I think we have to like each other first right?

Say you like me? Dont leave me to guess how you feel? Love me? Flowers? Dates?

Just be honest about how you feel and like me back.

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Me to me
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“On average, there are 7 people in the world that look similar to you.”

omg bless you all i hope you’re all okay I’m so sorry omg no

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Big Apple - New York, NY by (Danilo Fermata)
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~   I’m sorry.
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you can't have high standards and complain about being single.


I can have high standards and can complain about anything I want because it’s my blog not yours bye Felicia


Tyler Tuck, Soul Artist Management© Brian Jamie Photography
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